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Sarah Lisa Bredero

Psychological Counseling 
with a multicultural perspective.

Systemic Therapy
Acceptance-Commitment Therapy

Parental Coaching & Stress Management

to the
Most Interculturally Experienced Psychologist Online

Supportive          Optimistic        Solution oriented


"..two paths presented themselves to me, I went the one that was less trodden. This changed my life!” - Robert Lee Frost.

I support individuals, couples, and families living abroad to settle in a new country, find connections, facilitate cultural integration, and face the challenges of life in order to lead a satisfied and meaningful life.

There are many offers for employees, but the accompanying partners and children are often forgotten... Or maybe you even emigrated on your own?

As soon as the first glow of "the new" has faded, the challenges come to light. And also a return to the "home country" is often quite different than expected and holds its own challenges...

Clients who come to me often ask themselves whether they should seek psychological counseling at all, whether they shouldn't rather go through it alone, their own experience will pass, they only themselves not so should do... Others have already gone a long way, along which they have already made some attempts to solve their problems. A path in search of more happiness, harmony, lightness, and solutions.

With empathy and positivity I would like to invite you to find out together with me which solution strategies are the right ones for you and how you can be "happy" in the country you are in or want to be in. Which resources are already slumbering in you and only need to be brought to light?



Individual Consultation

You hold the keys to the solution, you just need to know where to look for it.

To me, psychological counseling is a mindful solution-, resource- and strengths-oriented, process. As your psychologist I support you with powerful questions, exercises and skill training to find new ways in dealing with crisis situations, emotions, existing problems and life challenges.


With asking powerful questions and implementing skills to ground and express yourself, I will also support you in gaining self-awareness, self-managing skills, empathy and social skills if that’s what is needed.  

As a psychologist with training in systemic therapy and acceptance-commitment therapy, I have the knowledge and professional experience to accompany you on your way to a solution.


Couple Counseling

It takes two to STAY TOGETHER - only one to SEPARATE

Do you speak different languages of love, or have you just drifted apart or haven't even really got to know each other yet?

Is one happy in the new or his home country and the other would prefer to be somewhere else entirely?

Are the planned children and the "fulfillment" expected with them a long time coming?

Is your partner working all the time, and you haven't found any purpose yet?

There are a variety of reasons why couples come to me for couples therapy. However, there is one thing in common: It is mostly about pain and being hurtful to each other, accusations, disappointments, misunderstandings, and the onset of helplessness.

Let's have a talk.

As a psychologist with training in systemic therapy and acceptance-commitment therapy, I have the knowledge and professional experience to accompany you on your way to a solution.


Parental Coaching
"The New Authority"

“It’s not only children who grow. Parents do too. As much as we watch to see what our children do with their lives, they are watching us to see what we do with ours. I can’t tell my children to reach for the sun. All I can do is reach for it, myself.”

Joyce Maynard


Especially living abroad, as being a part of a multi-cultural or cross-cultural family, one is often left helpless with questions of upbringing.


Authoritarian parenting is out, and Anti-authoritarian parenting is not working either...

Did you realize, that your parenting style doesn't really work?

What now? Set an anchor!

As a parental coach for The New Authority according to Haim Omer, I will help you to discover new paths.



There is no favorable wind for those who do not know where to go.


Finally arrived in the new or old homeland and now the child is out of control and Band  / unhappy / quiet / secretive / just annoying?


"Problem behavior" are attempts at solutions...

Unconscious solutions that we have formed on challenges that now bring us more suffering than joy, do not bring us to what we actually want to achieve or mean challenges for families and the social environment.

In family therapy / systemic therapy, problems are not seen as characteristics of individual people. 

As an experienced family therapist, I will help you to discover new ways together to strengthen yourself and support your children.

Frequently asked Questions

Who are my clients?

  • Couples

  • Adolescents and Teenagers

  • Adult

  • Expats / Expatriates

    • Perpetual Traveler

    • Remote workers

    • Business travelers and their families

    • Digital nomads

    • Emigrants

    • Accompanying partners and families of people working abroad

    • Travelers

    • Returnees*

What are my areas of focus in Counseling Online?

  • Intercultural life

    • Challenges as a woman of the world/man of the world

    • Intercultural Competence

    • Challenges of Cross-Cultural Life

    • Raising Third Culture Kids

    • Advice on the challenges of emigrating and returning to your home country

    • Advice on all of the above topics abroad 

    • ​Reactive and situational depressive moods

    • Burnout Symptoms 

    • Boreout - Boredom Syndrome

    • Self-esteem issues and insecurity

    • Desire to have children 

      • Desire to have children in the LGBTQIA* community

      • Desire to have children as a couple

      • Desire to have children as a single

      • psychological support for IVF and ICSI

    • Stress management - 5-minute solutions

    • Relaxation techniques (Autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness training, yoga)​

    • ​Orientation after critical life events (birth, accident, death, separation...)

    • Transitions between stages of life

    • Life crises, i.e. personal and job-related crises

  • crisis intervention

  • Coaching & Counseling for Scuba Divers, Divemaster, and diving instructor

    • Counseling anxiety of Scuba Divers (fear of depth, fear of the open ocean...​)

    • Counseling after decompression sickness, decompression accidents, and diving accidents

About me

Originally born in Germany in 1978, I call myself a woman of the world and consider myself as one of the most intercultural experienced psychologists online. I lived in India, in Egypt, the Maldives, the Netherlands and the Caribbean, and travel the world in my free time. There are still some continents, cultures and oceans on my bucket list though.

Before my  deep love of the sea convinced me to work abroad, I worked as a clinical psychologist and systemic therapist for individuals, couples, and families (IGST, Germany) in a clinic on an island in the Northern Sea.

Academic career:

  • Psychologist (Title awarded & Studies: University of Trier)

Additional training:

  • Systemic individual and family therapy (IGST)

  • Systemic Consulting, Systemic Coaching (IGST)

  • ACT = Acceptance Commitment Therapy (Russ Harris, PsychWire)

  • Parent coaching "The New authority" according to Haim Omer (Koelner Institut, DGSF)

  • Yoga teacher 200h (WAY)

  • Diving Instructor (PADI and SSI)

How to start

How can I get support as quickly as possible?


At the bottom of the website you will find my contact details, leave me a message via contact form or write me a message via email/ WhatsApp/ Telegram or Signal.

I will get back to you as soon as I receive your message and my business hours are reached (please keep in mind a possible time difference between countries). 

And what happens then?

It is my pleasure to offer you a 45-minute initial consultation to get to know each other. After that, you can decide whether you want to continue working with me. Not every therapist suits you, regardless of their therapeutic school 😉. The conversation takes place via Zoom (end-to-end encryption). 


How many hours should I expect?

The systemic approach is designed to have as many appointments as necessary, but as few as possible. Since suggestions/approaches can often be found in the first conversation, but it is also a get-to-know-you conversation, I charge you 60 Euros for this conversation.

For further conversations there is then a fixed rate per 50 or 90 minutes (see under point prices). 


If you decide to work with me, I will send you a contract, and we will agree on the number and regularity of appointments individually and mutually.


I look forward to getting to know you!


Psychological counseling


Couples Counseling


Parent Coaching



Scuba Divers


Intercultural Competence &

 Stress management

Limits, effectiveness, and requirements 
of Counseling Online

Learn here more about the limits, effectiveness and requirements for online psychological counseling

"What an adventure, a new country! You're really living a dream!", "You must be totally happy!", "I'm so jealous, if I could, I'd leave immediately..." Totally honest? For me, life in KL had become a nightmare after the first few months... I could neither pursue my hobbies nor did my partner understand why I was so unhappy. "Go to the beach" "Not having to do anything all day, I'd like to do that too" "You're always so negative!" In the meantime I was so unsettled that I no longer dared to say anything, didn't feel like going out anymore, I only argued with my partner and could only cry. I thought something was very wrong with me. But then I found Mrs. Bredero! Finally someone who told me that was normal in my situation. Together we found great solutions. And today? I'm happy to be here today! And if something happens again, I know who to turn to.  

KK from KL

Known from

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