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Please note that I do not bill the health insurance company.

This has advantages:

  • Quick start of professional psychological counseling

  • no long waiting times

  • Location independence - All offers take place online.

  • Easy access

  • The number and frequency of sessions are determined by the client*

  • Health insurance companies and employers do not receive any sensitive data


Psychological / Systemic Online Counseling 

For advice to individuals. After the approx. 45-minute non-binding 

First meeting, first comes the decision whether we want to continue working together.

If we decide to work together, an online consultation will cost you EUR 90 for 50 minutes or EUR 120 for 90 minutes.

The number of sessions can vary depending on needs and the problem at hand. Some topics can be worked on very well in 4 - 10 sessions. For others, 10 to 20 sessions are more likely.

You determine the intervals between the discussions. Appointments can be weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

Couples Counseling Online

The price for couples counseling and couples therapy is:

190 euros for 90 minutes.

You determine the intervals between the discussions yourself. Meetings that take place every 14 days, monthly or even every 6 weeks can be helpful.


Usually you can count on up to 10 or less sessions in total.

Please note that I charge a surcharge of 10 percent of the session fee for appointments starting after 8 p.m. (GMT+8).

Parent and family counseling

The price for professional advice for parents and families is:

For 90 minutes 190 euros, 120 minutes 240 euros.

You determine the distances yourself.


Meetings that take place every 14 days, monthly or even every 6 weeks can be helpful.


Similar to couple and individual counselling, concerns can be resolved in just 5 sessions, for some issues it takes a little more time.

Depending on the question, it makes sense to support the family talks with one-on-one talks and parent coaching.

Please note that I charge a surcharge of 10 percent of the session fee for appointments starting after 8 p.m. (GMT+8).

Parent Coaching

Individual counseling for parents (parents) and educators*

The costs for individual counseling for parents and families are as follows:

For 90 minutes 190 euros, 120 minutes 240 euros.


Parent coaching "The New Authority" according to Haim Omer


The online parent coaching contains:

  • 1 initial meeting with the parents (parents), educators*

  • 8 modules of parenting coaching with self-awareness a 120min (incl. video modules for self-viewing) these take place in the group if necessary

  • 1 follow-up meeting 

Please note that depending on the individual situation, further individual and or couple counseling may be recommended.

Additional counseling sessions are a possibility, but not a must!​

Group and corporate discounts or more extensive seminars are available upon request.

Keywords: New Authority, Vigilant Care, Authority through Relationship, Dealing with Adolescence, Difficult Adolescents, Adolescents with Difficult Education, Violence in the Family, Violent Adolescents, Nonviolent Communication, Spiral of Escalation, Becoming an Empowered Parent, Delinquency, Youth Services

Stress Management 


Here you will find various self-awareness offers on the subject of stress management and resilience. All offers refer to different ways and possibilities to build skills and develop action strategies to deal with challenging, stressful and difficult situations. Regardless of whether they are of a private, professional, intercultural or situational nature.


Prices: 99 euros per person in a group of 3 or more participants (booked together).


Group and corporate discounts or more extensive workshops are available upon request.


Please note that supplementary psychological one-to-one appointments in online counseling might be advisable.

Individually arranged additional appointments for further relaxation methods (autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, breathing meditation, and yoga) are possible as extras.

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