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Counseling Scuba Divers

Help with anxiety, diving courses, diving accidents, decompression sickness

Working through psychological problems as a result of trauma and problems during courses, therapy after a diving accident


Diveinstructor &

And suddenly it's there, the fear - in the depth, after a diving accident or a decompression sickness... but you don't want to give it up? Is diving your life? But you have no idea how you can continue "like this"?

As a diving instructor who has worked in Germany, Egypt, the Maldives, and the Caribbean for over 7 years, plus being a certified psychologist, I have the background and the knowledge to support you on your way back to the joy of diving. Divetrauma Divepsychology


Open Water Diver Student

Did you imagine it as such a blast? Did you think it would be stunning? And then suddenly there was fear?

Or would your partner like to share the hobby of diving with you, but you have second thoughts?

Together we will find the way to your personal solution!

diving psychology

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Scuba Diver & Freediver-
Make your fear your best friend

Let's face the fear!

Let's discover together why your fear when diving makes sense, helped humanity to survive and how you can make your fear your best dive buddy.

Your way back to:

Let's go diving!

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