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Parent Coaching


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Having children is not difficult, but raising them is very... 



Authoritarian education is out, anti-authoritarian education is outdated...


And now? Let's set anchors!


Many parents today are deeply insecure in their parenting behavior. You can no longer base your upbringing - as in past centuries - on the former distance between adult and child. The adult was big and powerful, a person who knew the world and knew the important things. In contrast, the child or adolescent was small, had to learn gradually, and be educated to adulthood. But as society has changed, this distance has largely been lost.


The changed social conditions necessitate a new education, characterized above all by a changed relationship between adult and child.


Young people think twice about whether and when they still need to be educated. And yet, children need education. They must learn to recognize and respect the limits of others.

Authority through relationship and nonviolent resistance represent a very effective method. 


Parent Coaching Objectives:

  • To express protest and resistance to child/adolescent behavior exhibited.

  • To gain self-control over their own behavior

  • To re-establish a good relationship with each other

  • To get support

  • To be able to experience beautiful moments together again and to have more energy, strength, and self-confidence as a parent again



As a certified parenting coach for "The New Authority" according to Haim Omer, I look forward to embarking on your journey with you. 


Please note that it may be useful to supplement parent coaching with online psychological counseling, couples counseling, or family conversations.

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