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Family Counseling


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Problems are solutions...


In family counseling / systemic online counseling, problems are not seen as characteristics of individual persons. They are an expression of the current communication and relationship conditions in a system. 

Let us discover new ways together...


Family counseling / systemic counseling is a form of conversation that sees health and illness, overall the quality of life of people in the context of their relevant relationships and concepts of life. Any behavior perceived as problematic thus represents a solution to an underlying internal or external conflict. 

The systemic view avoids blaming an individual or family for a problem.


The goal of our conversations is to expand the perception and action possibilities of the individual(s) and the overall family system.  As a family therapist, I work with you in a resource-oriented and appreciative way.



Supportive to family therapy, conversations with individuals or subsystems in the context of online therapy and or couples therapy can become useful. However, we always discuss this together.

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